Vestas Brochures

Vestas product portfolio covers a wide range of offerings from wind turbines across all wind classes to differentiated service packages and offerings to optimize your power plant. On this page you will find links to view or download relevant brochures from the Vestas product portfolio.

Product Brochures

EnVentus™ Platform

4 MW Platform

2 MW Platform


Project Planning Brochures

Vestas Forecasting

VestasOnline® SCADA

VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller

VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller - DE

VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller - US

Electrical Predesign

Electrical Predesign - US

Turbine Options & Solutions Brochures

Vestas Cold Climate Solutions

Shadow Detection System

Yaw Power Back Up

Power and Load Optimised Modes

Vestas InteliLight®

Aviation Obstruction Lights

Fire Prevention Systems

Low Voltage Measurement System

Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST)

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

High Wind Operation (HWO)

Sound Power Optimisation

Vestas Brand Portal

The Vestas brand portal is the one-stop-shop for ready-to-use assets used to market and communicate the Vestas Brand. 

The brand portal makes it easy for Vestas employees and collaborators to communicate, share and collaborate with colleagues, anywhere and anytime. Housing all assets in one place allows for greater control and ensures brand compliance an consistency, important aspects of maintaining a strong brand.