Blade Asset Management

BAM is a web-based application that gathers blade inspection data and recommended actions across sites and turbines into one collective overview regardless of the turbine brand.

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Blade Asset Management is a web-based dashboard available as an application on Vestas’ online customer collaboration platform, VestasOnline®. The application gathers blade inspection data across sites, turbines and blades into one collective overview regardless of the turbine brand. As an online application, your blade data is always right at hand only requiring internet access and a login.

User-friendly and customisable

The dashboard is interactive and easy to use, allowing you to explore inspection results across geographies, turbine models and blade variants. You have the option to customise the data view and access levels to specific users within your organisation, making the information relevant for individual colleagues. Reporting to management, partners and clients is also made simpler and faster, as data can practically be exported either as a fleet, site or turbine report.

A fleetwide overview

The fleet view provides a holistic overview of your available blade inspection data across your entire portfolio of wind farms. The data is conveniently summarised to ease tracking of site visits, blade assessments and blade repair needs. From the fleet overview, you can dive into specific markets or wind farms for trend mapping or analyses into root causes.

Having a full overview of the condition of your portfolio of blades is essential to build a long-term strategy to maximise turbine life and lower operational costs. Access to correct actionable insights is key to a focused blade maintenance and repair strategy. Blade Asset Management helps achieve both through specific recommendations across wind farms, turbines and blades, allowing you to focus activities where they matter the most.

A site-specific overview

The site view provides you with information on the state of the blades of a specific wind farm. It displays the number of inspected and assessed turbines, as well as the number of blades and turbines in the need of repairs by the level of damage severity and urgency. The site overview is ideal for e.g. Site Managers, allowing for easy planning across specific wind farms.

Knowing when and where to focus blade inspections and maintenance activities across a site are important for a cost-efficient blade service strategy. Well-planned preventive maintenance and inspections limit the intervals turbines are stopped. Well-maintained blades are less likely to result in unexpected downtime and will thereby generate power more consistently. This reduces the total downtime over the lifetime of the operating assets.

Turbine level insights

The turbine view provides information on the state of specific turbines. Each turbine blade is colour coded according to the level of blade damage severity and repair urgency. In this way, you can quickly identify, which blades require further analysis, monitoring, preventive maintenance or urgent repair. 

For every blade damage, the dashboard indicates a recommended action. This provides you with an overview of which blade requires the most attention or should be inspected next and how frequently. The increased clarity into the work scope allows for efficient management of operations, spare parts ordering and development of targeted maintenance plans. 

Blade Deep Dives

The blade view provides information about the state of specific blades. Blades are colour coded according to the location of damage and its severity, enabling quick identification of which blade section to monitor, maintain or repair. All inspection imagery is available and labelled for clear documentation or for further analysis.

When blades have several damages, a filter provides a quick overview. In this way, Blade Asset Management can help you lower your total cost of ownership by enabling you to intervene before damages propagate. Repairing blade damage at the right time over the course of its development saves time, money and resources. This helps prevent performance losses and reduces repair costs.

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