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Fleet Optimisation by the numbers


PowerPlus™ upgrades can improve AEP by up to 5%


More than 7,000 turbines are already enjoying the benefits of PowerPlus™


Vestas offers multibrand Vortex Generators for 9 different turbine OEMs.

Fleet Optimisation

Getting more of what you've got

As wind technology is evolving, new features are continually developed to make turbines more efficient and better equipped to operate under the circumstances of today.

However, modern technology should not only benefit new turbines. Many existing turbines and wind parks could achieve higher levels of performance with retrofit and upgrade solutions designed to improve production and operational parameters.

With Fleet Optimisation, Vestas seeks to bring modern technology to already-installed wind parks. Our PowerPlus™ upgrades are designed to increase AEP at turbine and park level. LifePlus™ offerings provide wind park owners with a range of options to extend the operational lifetime of the turbines. TurbinePlus™ represents a range of simple upgrades, all designed to improve the overall operation of the turbine.

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Fleet Optimisation is Vestas services' upgrades and life extension offerings for wind turbine already installed in the field.


As wind technology matures, turbines already in operation can be upgraded to yield more energy and thereby improve an existing wind park business case.

Improvements of the production efficiency of a wind power plant can be carried out through site-specific tuning of operational parameters, implementation of intelligent software algorithms, and enhanced aerodynamic add-ons. All designed to get more out of what you have already got.

Vestas PowerPlus™ can boost your annual energy production by up to 5% at virtually no risk. Our DNV-GL-certified siting process ensures that design life is not impacted, and with our performance guarantee and flexible financing options there is nothing in the way of your increased profits.

The upgrade suite includes Aerodynamic Upgrades, Extended Cut Out, Power Performance Optimisation, and Power Uprate. You can read much more about the different upgrade features below, where you can also access product sheets and case studies.

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Aerodynamic Upgrades

Improved blade efficiency

As part of the PowerPlus™ product suite, Aerodynamic Upgrades improve the aerodynamic performance of the rotor blades, boosting annual energy production (AEP) by up to 2%. Aerodynamic Upgrades are available for a range of Vestas platforms, as well as an extensive list of multibrand turbines.

The technology consists of two add-ons, Vortex Generators and Gurney Flaps, which aid lift creation around the blades. This translates into a better aerodynamic performance during the turbine’s partial load operation. The AEP improvement is therefore captured on the slope of the power curve, when the turbine operates below rated power.

To know more about how Aerodynamic Upgrades can improve your business case, check out our case study featuring ENGIE Deutschland and our whitepaper, which goes into depth with the technology.

Extended Cut Out

Reap the benefits of high wind speeds

Vestas has developed Extended Cut Out, which allows turbines to operate beyond their original cut out speeds to capture the full potential of strong winds.

By increasing the cut out wind speed, Extended Cut Out can generally deliver an Annual Energy Production improvement of up to 3%, and even up to 5-7% at sites with very advantageous climatic conditions.

Read more about the results we have already delivered for other wind parks in our case study, or download our product sheet for a quick overview of the upgrade.

Power Performance Optimisation

Smarter operation with intelligent algorithms

To help turbine owners uncover and realise the uncaptured energy, Vestas has developed a range of smart algorithms to help the turbine make better decisions. Improved measurements of wind speed, wind direction, and optimal yaw alignment enable theturbine to act smarter and thereby become more effective.

Moreover, our algorithmic features allow for smarter use of power boosts as well as allowing the turbine to exploit low air-density climatic conditions to operate in high winds.

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Power Uprate

Increase nominal power for a higher yield

Increase your annual energy production and make full use of your wind turbine’s capacity with Power Uprate. With this upgrade, you can increase the nominal power of your turbine and maximise your output.

Based on site-specific analysis, using proprietary tools and certified processes, Vestas can increase the rated power of your turbine to maximise output without affecting its original design. Overall, Power Uprate can boost annual energy production by up to 4%*, and significantly improve the performance of your fleet.

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    Case study

    Aerodynamic Upgrades

    Read a case study on Aerodynamic Upgrades, a PowerPlus™ feature that includes two blade add-ons to improve the aerodynamic conditions over the root section of the blade. Doing so will increase wind capture, positively impacting AEP by up to 2%.

    ”Together with Vestas, we established a 
    common understanding of the gain potential. Vestas’ estimation tool convinced us, so we decided to upgrade all our V90-turbines to maximize our returns.”

    Rainer Röper
    Sr. Asset Manager, ENGIE Deutschland

    Case study

    Vestas PowerPlus' Aerodynamic Upgrades can improve AEP by up to 3%


    Improve the availability of your wind turbines and increase the annual energy production. TurbinePlus™ offers upgrades to improve turbine efficiency, enhance the protection of the turbines and to ensure full regulatory compliance.

    TurbinePlus™ products are divided into 3 categories, each of which can help wind asset owners bring their turbines up to date, either in terms of protection, compliance, or operational efficiency. These products are a result of Vestas' continuous development of solutions that make wind turbines better equipped to produce energy in an ever changing climatic and regulatory environment.


      TurbinePlus™ - Efficiency

      With our efficiency upgrades you can improve the availability of your turbines. The various upgrades ensure smooth and optimal operations under all conditions.

      TurbinePlus™ - Protection

      With our protection upgrades you can reduce the risk of damage to your turbines from external influences. The different upgrades help to prevent expensive repairs and downtime, while ensuring turbine operations.

      TurbinePlus™ - Compliance

      With our compliance upgrades you can ensure even better compliance with site-specific regulations, in most cases improving the availability of your turbine for production. In other cases it will minimize the environmental impact of your turbine.


      LifePlus life extension and overhaul programs

      LifePlus™ represents Vestas’ lifetime devotion to our customers. Currently, LifePlus™ includes tailor-made lifetime extension programs, fully customizable to fit your business case.

      Our lifetime extension programs can be combined with other Vestas service offerings, such as AOM® contracts and PowerPlus™ upgrades.

      LifePlus™ is the result of our engineering expertise and experience in the wind turbine industry, combined with our passion for continuously optimizing your business case.

      A service partnership with Vestas means that you always have options to increase the return on your investment. If your strategy includes operating the turbines beyond design-life, LifePlus™ gives you access to 35 years of experience in optimizing turbine performance and effectiveness.

      With Vestas, you have a dedicated service partner for life.