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V150-4.2 MW™ at a glance

With the V150-4.2 MW™ Vestas leads onshore wind power to new heights. With 73.7 meter long blades and the industry’s tallest steel tower, the V150-4.2 MW™ stretches nearly a quarter of a kilometer into the air and is one of the highest producing onshore low wind turbines in the industry. Combined with a leading capacity factor in low wind conditions, the turbine delivers a 21 percent increase in annual energy production compared to the V136-3.45 MW® while achieving a sound power level of only 104.9 dB(A) to serve sound sensitive regions.

Options available for the V150-4.2 MW IEC IIIB/IEC S

Vestas | Options available for the V126-3.3 MW™ IEC IIIA

  • Power Optimised Mode up to 4.2 MW (site specific)
  • Load Optimised Mode down to 3.6 MW 
  • Condition Monitoring System
  • Service Personnel Lift
  • Vestas Ice Detection
  • Low Temperature Operation to -30°C
  • Fire Suppression
  • Shadow Detection
  • Vestas Bat Protection System
  • Nacelle Hatch for Air Inlet
  • Aviation Lights
  • Aviation Markings on the Blades
  • Vestas InteliLight™

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4 MW

The Vestas 4 MW platform sets new standards for onshore wind performance within regimes ranging from very strong wind and typhoon conditions to low wind.


The V150-4.2 MW™ IEC IIIB/IEC S is designed for low-wind sites.

+35 GW

The performance and versatility of the 4 MW platform has been proven with more than 35 GW installed in 47 countries since 2010.

The V150-4.2 MW™ IEC IIIB/IEC S

V150-4.2 MW

V150-4.2 MW™ is the industry’s highest producing onshore low wind turbine

View the 4 MW Brochure

Vestas | The V126-3.3 MW™ IEC IIIA turbine

Technical Specifications

Rated power
4,000/4,200 kW
Cut-in wind speed
3 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 22.5 m/s
Re cut-in wind speed
20 m/s
Wind class
Standard operating temperature range
from -20°C* to +45°C with de-rating
above 30°C


104.9 dB
Sound Optimised modes dependent on site and country
Rotor diameter
150 m
Swept area
17,671 m2
Air brake
full blade feathering with 3 pitch cylinders

50/60 Hz
full scale
*subject to different temperature options
Type two planetary stages and one helical stage
Hub heights Site and country specific

Height for transport
3.4 m
Height installed (incl. CoolerTop®)
6.9 m
12.8 m
4.2 m
Max. transport height
3.8 m
Max. transport width
3.8 m
Max. transport length
5.5 m
73.7 m
Max. chord
4.2 m
Max. weight per unit for transportation
70 metric tonnes

AEP Curve

4 MW Platform


Our 4 MW platform is designed for a broad range of wind and site conditions, onshore and offshore enabling you to mix turbines across your site or portfolio of sites, delivering industry-leading reliability, serviceability and exceptional energy capture.

The 4 MW platform was introduced in 2010 with the launch of the V112-3.0 MW®. Over 35 GW of the 4 MW platform has been installed all over the world onshore and offshore making it the obvious choice for customers looking for highly flexible and trustworthy turbines.

Rotor diameters range from 105 to 155 meters and the rated output power is up to 4.2 MW. Using well proven technologies like a full-scale converter, the 4 MW platform meets even the most challenging grid requirements providing excellent energy yield in all wind and weather conditions.

Large Diameter Steel Towers (LDST) are also available to optimise annual energy production on low wind sites.

The 4 MW platform combines Vestas’ proven track record with our continuous efforts to improve and optimise our products, making it the obvious choice for customers looking to combine reliability with performance.

Related Products

V162-6.0 MW™ IEC S

With a swept area of over 20,000 m², the V162-6.0 MW™ applies the largest rotor size in the Vestas portfolio to achieve industry-leading energy production. The V162-6.0 MW™ IEC S is designed for low to medium wind sites, with extensive application in high wind speeds.

V150-6.0 MW™ IEC S

The V150-6.0 MW™ IEC S offers a large operational envelope and double-digit annual energy production improvements in medium to high wind speeds, depending on site-specific conditions.

V136-4.2 MW™ IEC IIB/IEC S

The V136-4.2 MW™ is designed for medium wind sites. It boosts performance by 11 percent compared to V136-3.45 MW™