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Investor Relations

Investors, shareholders, financial analysts, brokerage firms, representatives of banks and other investment professionals should address inquiries concerning Vestas and its businesses to Vestas' Investor Relations department.

Closed periods

Vestas’ communication with its stakeholders is subject to restrictions during the so-called “closed periods”, i.e. a period of four weeks prior to the announcement of each quarterly report and annual report. During these periods, communication with the stakeholders is limited, and we may not comment on financial results, expectations or market forecasts.

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If you miss some information on our website, if you have suggestions or good ideas for the investor website then please contact us.

IR Office

Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Attn: Investor Relations
Copenhagen Towers floors 12th-15th
Ørestads Boulevard 108
2300 Copenhagen S

Tel: +45 9730 0000 (ask for IR)

Patrik Setterberg

Director of Investor Relations
Tel: +45 6122 1913

Mathias Dalsten

Investor Relations Officer
Tel: +45 2829 5383

News services

Vestas has the following news services, which makes it easy for you as a shareholder to keep up with the developments in Vestas. You can read here how to subscribe and which information you can receive.

News services

Through our news service you can sign up for news about audiocasts, changes in the share price (stock threshold alerts) and receive disclosed company announcements, press releases, and financial reports per email as soon as they are disclosed.


As a registered shareholder you have access to the InvestorPortal and here you can choose which of our financial reports you wish to receive per email and you can also subscribe to Vestas' shareholder information. It is also here you can subscribe for the convening for the general meeting.

Mobile Investor

Via Vestas’ Mobile Investor you can see the latest disclosure news, dates for coming events and follow the development of the Vestas share price.

Who is Vestas? - What does Vestas do?


  • is a listed company at Nasdaq Copenhagen (trading symbol: VWS)
  • has sold and installed 59,909 wind turbines or close to 82 GW globally as per 31 December 2016 
  • is represented globally – and has installed wind turbines in 76 countries 
  • has more than 30 years’ experience within development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of wind turbines – and therefore Vestas provides cost-effective wind technologies, products and services solutions
  • generated a revenue of EUR 10,237m in 2016 
  • employed 21,824 people at the end of 2016


  • develops and optimises wind turbines and service solutions
  • manufactures wind power plants globally 
  • sells, installs and services wind power plants globally