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Vestas takes part in roadshows four times a year following publication of the company’s financial reports. The roadshows are arranged by the investment banks that cover Vestas, and it is up to Investor Relations to decide who should host each roadshow.

Roadshow in connection with Q3 2020 results (disclosure 4 November 2020)

Date Destination      Host Vestas representatives
05.11.20 Copenhagen Handelsbanken Henrik Andersen/ Marika Fredriksson/ Patrik Setterberg/ Mathias Dalsten
06.11.20 London (virtual) Bank of America Henrik Andersen/ Marika Fredriksson/ Patrik Setterberg/ Mathias Dalsten
16.11.20 Paris (virtual) SEB Patrik Setterberg/ Mathias Dalsten
23.11.20 Frankfurt (virtual) Commerzbank Patrik Setterberg/ Mathias Dalsten


    Other IR events

    The calendar gives you an overview of some of the meetings with analysts and investors as well as various other IR events Vestas participates in.

    Some of the dates have not yet been finalised, but the calendar is updated continuously. 

    Note: Due to precautions taken by Vestas, investors, and brokers in response to the coronavirus, events in the near future have either been cancelled, postponed, or replaced by conference calls/ virtual meetings. Vestas will keep monitoring the situation and evaluate participation in planned activities on a continuous basis. 

    Date Event   
    12.11.20 Goldman Sachs Carbonomics Conference in London (virtual) 
    18.11.20 Societe Generale ESG/SRI Conference in Paris (virtual)  
    01.12.20 Danske Bank Copenhagen Winter Seminar (virtual)