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Utopus Insights - Smart Data Analytics

As the global energy sector is transforming, Vestas offers customers digital solutions to deliver greater predictability, increased renewable energy production, more efficient operations, and better integration with energy grids. This transformation means energy systems and power plant owners must improve forecasting accuracy for renewable production, optimise output from each individual generation asset and orchestrate a portfolio of resources across multiple sites and equipment types. They must also do so in a cost-effective manner that ensures grid stability as renewable energy sources gradually replace conventional, fossil-fuel generated power plants.

To support customers on this transition, Vestas agreed to acquire Utopus Insights, Inc., an energy analytics provider with 15 years of experience in solutions development, a suite of innovative digital products, over 100 patents and a highly experienced team with data science expertise in analytics, power engineering, energy software development and meteorology.

Together with Utopus Insights, Vestas offers customers a suite of best-in-class analytics applications across energy sources that supports the digitalisation of renewable energy assets and energy systems as well as addresses well-known challenges such as predictive maintenance, forecasting and power plant optimisation.

About Utopus Insights

Utopus Insights, Inc. is a privately held, US-based company with more than 100 employees headquartered in New York with offices in Hungary and India. The company develops, sells and services energy analytics software to renewable energy producers, operators, manufacturers (OEMs), transmission and distribution utilities, and other energy companies.

The company grew out of IBM Research and the team involved with its Smarter Energy Research Institute. This team, with its rich pedigree in data science, software, utility operations, meteorology, and renewable and distributed energy, forms the core of Utopus Insights’ workforce. Their expertise was forged over a 15-year period through collaborative work with leading energy companies to develop digital solutions to energy transformation challenges.

For several years, Utopus Insights has been in a joint development agreement with Vermont Electric Power Company and its 17 Vermont distribution utility owners. This enabled UI to thoroughly analyse solar forecasting, wind forecasting, congestion management, demand forecasting, renewables integration, Distributed Energy Resource management, and virtually every other aspect of transmission and distribution utility operations. Collaborative co-creation with Vermont Electric Power Company and other frontline grid operators is a key reason for the company’s analytics breakthroughs. 
Utopus Insights enjoys a mature product development pipeline based on its store of more than 100 issued patents related to energy innovation, including a powerful platform for the renewable energy industry: Scipher  

Video Utopus Insights

Scipher  - Energy Analytics platform

Scipher, a scalable, secure and flexible energy analytics platform for data ingestion and curation.

Among the most advanced energy analytics platform on the planet, Scipher provides out-of-the-box integration with siloed, distributed and real-time data into a curated data model. It links unmatched data curation capabilities with a CIM-compliant common data model, integrates Utopus Insights’ hyper-local weather forecasting service and supports the company’s product families.


  • Multi-operational domain applicability

  • Secure user authorisation/validation

  • Scalable, flexible, customisable

  • Open API integration

Discover the Scipher data platform >

The Utopus Insights product suite is modular, integrated and offered as a hybrid on-premises/SaaS (Software as a Service) IoT (Internet of Things) solution. They feature the most advanced data analytics techniques available specialised for energy applications and, with Vestas’ acquisition, the sustainable energy industry’s largest data repository.

To maximise value, Utopus Insights’ digital solutions were developed to leverage a customer’s progress on their analytics evolution divided into three broad categories:

Descriptive – for companies who are relatively early in their analytics strategy, Scipher.Vx enables intuitive and customizable visualization of time-series data; 

Predictive – for companies with a good handle on real-time operations and thus are further ahead in their digital journey, Scipher.Fx allows hyper-accurate prediction of renewable generation; and 

Prescriptive – for those companies seeking more sophisticated analytics, Scipher.Rx enables optimised asset management.


    Scipher.Vx - See real-time asset performance

    Scipher.Vx, an intuitive, interactive and customizable energy asset data visualization and performance monitoring.

    Scipher.Vx is a family of applications that delivers precise situational awareness by providing historical and real-time insights into solar and wind asset performance across an entire asset fleet – no matter the location, size or OEM of the assets.

    Scipher.Vx seamlessly scales up to an entire fleet, drills down to a single asset or reviews at any operational level in-between to assess performance. 


    • Real-time insights into wind/solar fleet operations across your entire asset fleet – no matter their location, size or OEM

    • Intuitive visualisations you customise to suit your particular KPIs, field crew demands, regulatory requirements, or any other metric

    • Seamlessly scale up to your entire fleet, drill down to a single asset or review at any operational level in between to assess your operational performance as you need.

    Scipher.Fx - Predict future performance for Wind/Solar

    Scipher.Fx, a hyperlocal renewable energy forecasting powered by advanced energy-specialized weather forecasting.

    Scipher.Fx is the industry-leading solar and wind forecasting tool family that uses unsupervised, advanced machine learning on real-time wind and solar park measurement data. It delivers a 96-hour advance forecast, updated every 10 minutes, for both available and active power generation with best-in-class MAE (Mean Absolute Error) results.


    • Performs at a level among the world’s most accurate wind energy forecasting and nowcasting

    • Utilises energy generation-specific, hyper-accurate weather prediction

    • Accurately determine both available and active power generation

    • Minimises downtime: sync maintenance work to low-production days with up to 14 days in lead time 

    • Maximises revenue: utilise competitive intelligence to leverage market imbalances and sharpen day-ahead and intra-day bid strategies 

    • Automate and rank order individual turbine performance analyses with customised alerts to quickly identify anomalies

    Discover more about Scipher.Fx >

    Scipher.Rx - Manage critical component reliability

    Scipher.Rx, a state-of-the-art prescriptive analytics service that enables proactive asset maintenance.

    Scipher.Rx is the industry’s most advanced one-stop predictive maintenance application suite that enables you to identify, prioritise and preempt critical wind/solar component failure across your entire enterprise and hereby improve asset performance, enhance system reliability and target capital investment to provide the greatest value.


    • Industry-best data pattern recognition enables optimised asset performance

    • Enterprise-wide asset intelligence regardless of scope, location or model type

    • Delivers critical component protection to improve reliability, secure greatest capital investment return

    • Closed-loop system enables shared information from control room to in-field personnel

    Discover more about Scipher.Rx >