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Maintenance Partnering

With Vestas as your fleetwide lifetime service partner you benefit not only from our high quality service solutions that lower the levelised cost of energy, but also from a strong track record of safety performance.

Transparency and close collaboration with you lay the foundation of optimizing your business. We grow our knowledge and insight from servicing the world largest operating wind base, continuously improving our offerings to you thanks to having the strongest R&D organisation in the industry.


turbines under service


dedicated service employees

+78 GW

installed in 59 countries

Active Output Management®

At Vestas, we are relentlessly committed to wind. That’s why we recognise that making the most of your wind farm is about more than engineering – it’s about capturing the maximum available wind to ensure the highest energy output at the lowest costs. Our unique Active Output Management® (AOM) service concept, based on our three decades of industry experience, helps you achieve just that.

To realise the best possible return on your investment, an effective service infrastructure and operations and maintenance strategy is just as important as reliable turbines. We offer a flexible service product landscape (AOM 1000 - 5000) that you can tailor according to your needs. As a proven service partner, our AOM 5000 premium service concept is designed to provide ultimate operational and financial peace of mind. It includes superior support in various key areas such as:

• People skills
• Intelligence and predictability
• Planning and scheduling capabilities and tools
• Parts optimisation and deliveries
• Partnership transparency and integration
• Performance guarantees

Blade Wear & Tear

One of the main risks connected to blade maintenance is the uncertainty of wear and tear expenses during the operating lifetime of a blade. As blades constantly are exposed to changing environmental forces, wear and tear on blades varies depending upon site-specific conditions and seasonal & weather changes. These factors make the forecasting of wear and tear costs subject to high uncertainty. To remove this uncertainty Vestas offers the option to include wear and tear as a contractual element.

Even normal operating conditions can lead to wear and tear on blades, which can have a negative impact on your turbine’s performance over time. Typically, repairs addressing wear and tear issues are not part of the standard service agreement coverage, which leaves you having to forecast these unknown costs as part of your annual operating budget. While wear and tear issues might not seem significant, if left unaddressed, these occurrences can have severe impacts on energy production and introduce the possibility of costly, unplanned wind turbine downtime.

The BladeCareTM– Wear and Tear Coverage product offering expands the current blade coverage under your Vestas Service Agreement to include wear and tear items and couples this coverage with comprehensive annual inspections. It enables you to be one-step closer to “full-wrap” coverage on your most exposed turbine components.

Operational Support

Vestas has developed the Operational Support package for wind power plant owners who have a self-service execution strategy and desire to incorporate their personnel into daily service and maintenance activities for Vestas wind turbines.

Through this offering and the associated methodology, Vestas can enable wind power plant owners and their service personnel to execute service tasks that ensure safe and predictable outcomes and are based on Vestas’ extensive in-field experience in executing service.

The Operational Support philosophy enables owner’s service personnel to follow the same business processes and execute to the same service and maintenance requirements that Vestas does. It also is structured to provide ongoing training, documentation and physical & technical support as technicians’ and support personnel’s competencies develop over time at the owner’s wind power plant.