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How do you utilize data in a simple way to optimize your business?

We have been monitoring, collecting and learning from big amount of data from wind turbines for more than 30 years. Now we want to share this knowledge with you.

With our ClearSight.™ offerings we offer you a data and consultancy services suite for your renewable assets. The offerings will support different parts of your value chain and processes.

Through collaboration and partnership we enable you to release the full performance of your wind energy business by optimizing your business based on data.

We have unique insight to wind operations and industry leading tools and services that will improve your processes through advanced analytics and mutual knowledge sharing. We have expert consultants with extensive wind knowledge dedicated to optimizing your wind farm.

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    ClearSight. Integrator™

    We help our customers lower their infrastructure cost by providing a secure and flexible data infrastructure that enables monitoring, reporting and optimization of performance of all assets.

    We offer a secure and IEC-compliant infrastructure for collection, aggregation and storage of data in an individual park or across the entire fleet.  This will enable monitoring, reporting and optimization of performance of all equipment in your park.  We provide a fleet level turn-key data transportation and storage solution capable of handling data both real-time and historically, in turn reducing your fixed cost and ensuring you are compliant.

    ClearSight. Activator™

    We empower our customer’s O&M organization to act smarter by providing wind-specific applications, which utilize advanced analytics. This will in turn reduce maintenance cost and optimize production to current market conditions.

    We provide software tools and consultancy to enable customers to perform predictive maintenance and technical planning. We are breaking the myth that the O&M team only can contribute to Lower Cost of Energy by reducing cost. We are enabling the O&M team to work to improve revenue of their operations.

    ClearSight. Analyser™


    We enable our customer’s asset management organization to increase production by performing root cause analysis on performance abnormalities and estimate and validate performance enhancement through key tools and consultancy.

    We provide a dashboard of turbine output, benchmark power curve and analytical tools combined with consultancy services to optimize Annual Energy Production at turbine or park level. 

    We enable the asset manager to have a most recent view on how the business is performing with respects to market and allows him to take decisions which can impact the business almost instantaneously.

    ClearSight. Performer™

    We enable our customer’s business management with fleet wide transparency on operational and financial performance to enable data driven decision making and maximize return on assets.

    We provide an overview of entire fleet through dashboard and performance benchmarks on wind parks and O&M services. The benchmarking application enables you to see how the fleet is performing compared with its own parks and across OEM's fleet.