Simplifying the path to a sustainable future

Buy from over 40,000 spare parts from leading brands - Covento connects buyers and suppliers in a transparent and efficient manner, offering a broad assortment of products across wind spare parts and consumables

Welcome to Covento

Covento is the digital platform that aims to create transparency, effciency and contribute to the  sustainability movement. Covento's B2B marketplace aims to offer the same seamless experience as your favourite B2C e-commerce sites. As the renewable energy revolution gains momentum, it is essential for the aftermarket to keep pace. That's why Covento was created - to provide a digital platform for the wind energy industry that is efficient, reliable and sustainable.

Our team at Covento is dedicated to driving positive change in the renewable energy industry. We believe that by working together, we can make a greater impact towards a more sustainable future. As a separate legal entity within Vestas Ventures, Covento is positioned to deliver exceptional value and service to our customers.

At Covento, we understand the importance of innovation and efficiency in the wind energy industry. That's why our platform offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the buying and selling process, saving you time and money.

Join us in our mission to grow the market for renewable energy. With our platform, you can access a wide range of wind spare parts and consumables from reputable suppliers. 

What is Covento? Everything You Need To Know

Why Vestas Started Covento? 
Covento Explained!
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B2B purchasing of spare parts has never been easier

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Watch Why Suppliers are Joining Covento

Join Covento as a supplier and you will:

  • Tap into approved buyers
  • Remove need for compliance screening of buyers
  • Eliminate payment risk 
  • Save time and resources on customer support
  • Brand exposure with your own customized company product page
  • Set the price and promotions as you see fit 

Covento Vision

At Covento we believe if we can turn the cumbersome into the simple, it will result in improved operational efficiency for renewable energy O&M. It is through this lens that Covento hopes to play a role in being part of the solution to our climate crisis.