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V90-3.0 MW® at a Glance

The V90-3.0 MW® is designed to be low weight ensuring easy transportation and installation while reducing foundation costs thanks to its lower load.

The nacelle is lighter because its gearbox has an integrated main bearing that eliminates the need for a traditional main shaft. Blade weight is also kept to a minimum by using carbon together with glass fibre. The tower is lighter, too, as it uses magnets instead of welding to attach the tower internals to the tower wall.

This turbine delivers exceptional performance and a high yield, and can be supplied in a variety of hub heights (65-105 m) to accommodate site-specific needs. The tower for offshore is designed site-specific and is furthermore protected with a special offshore coating to withstand the harsh environment.


The Vestas Performance and Diagnostics Centre monitors more than 33,000 turbines worldwide. We use this information to continually develop and improve our products and services.


The V90-3.0 MWTM  IEC IA/IIA is designed for high- and medium-wind sites with high turbulence.

+9 GW

More than 9 GW of the V90-3.0 MW® have been installed globally. 

The V90-3.0 MW® IEC IA/IIA

V90-3.0 MW®

The V90-3.0 MW® IEC IA/IIA is a great choice for high- and medium-wind sites with high turbulence. It is designed for easy transportation and installation while reducing foundation costs thanks to its lower load.


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Vestas | The V90-3.0 MW® IEC IA/IIA turbine

Technical Specifications

Rated power
3,000 kW
Cut-in wind speed
3.5 m/s
Rated wind speed
15 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s
Re cut-in wind speed 20 m/s
Wind class
Operating temperature range standard turbine -20˚C to 40˚C
Operating temperature range low temperature turbine
-30˚C to 40˚C
(Mode 0, 10 m above ground, hub height 80 m, air density 1,225 kg/m³)
4 m/s 97.9 dB (A)
5 m/s 100.9 dB (A)
6 m/s 104.2 dB (A)
7 m/s 106.1 dB (A)
8 m/s 107.0 dB (A)
9 m/s 106.9 dB (A)
Rotor diameter
90 m
Swept area
6,362 m2
Nominal revolutions 16.1 rpm
Operational interval  8.6 - 18.4 rpm
Air brake full blade feathering with 3 pitch cylinders
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Generator type 4-pole doubly fed generator
Type two planetary stages and one helical stage


Type tubular steel tower
Hub heights 65 m and 80 m (IEC IA)

105 m (IEC IIA)

Height for transport
4 m
9.65 m
3.65 m (3.85 m installed)
Max. transport height
3.6 m
Max. transport width
4.2 m
Max. transport length
4.4 m
44 m
Max. chord
3.5 m
Max. weight per unit for transportation
70 tonnes

Power Curve

Vestas | The V90-3.0 Power Curve

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Options & Solutions

To gain the most out of your wind site, Vestas offers you a wide range of options and solutions to support you in every step of your value chain. With our vast knowledge of the wind resource, we are able to assist you in optimising the layout of even the most complex sites, and we offer a great variety of options and solutions to enhance the performance of the wind power project – and the business case certainty of your investment.