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Active Output Management®

Vestas | Active Output Management

AOM. Your Power - Our Commitment

Our job really begins once your wind power plant is installed and in operation. Our philosophy is that making the most of your plant is about more than just engineering and logistics. It’s about working together – creating solutions that revolve around your specific needs and your expectations. That’s why we offer our unique AOM programme, based on three decades of industry experience. With Vestas AOM you are supported by a proven service partner –working in collaboration with you to identify, allocate, and properly manage risks, and ensure peak performance from your plant.

Vestas is committed to the smooth running of your business - ensuring that you benefit from industry-leading performance, research, innovation, expert technical teams, and a global supply chain that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective. All of this is done with one aim in mind: to offer you predictability, and to strengthen the certainty of your business case.

Maintenance Packages

Vestas | Service Packages

Wind turbines need to be continually serviced to perform consistently at their best. Harsh weather conditions over the course of a turbine’s typical 20-year service life can reduce the overall performance of a site, resulting in a loss of earnings and a poor return on your investment.

Our Active Output Management® service programme, or AOM for short, ensures the highest possible output at all times, so your return on investment is achievable and more secure.


    AOM 5000

    Minimise your lost production

    AOM 5000 is our most comprehensive service package and includes everything necessary to maximise output, plus incentives such as an energy-based availability guarantee that aligns service and maintenance operations with low wind periods.

    The AOM 5000 service package aims to minimise lost production for up to 10 years (with an option to renew for two additional five-year periods), together with energy-based guarantees of up to 97% (subject to site evaluation). These high expectations are formalised through liquidated damages and bonus clauses in the contract.

    AOM 4000

    Maximise uptime and performance

    AOM 4000 is a comprehensive service package including all necessary main components and material to maximise uptime and performance.

    The service contract covers periods up to 10 years, with an option to renew for two additional five-year periods, suitable for customers who want the traditional time-based availability guarantee of up to 97%. These high expectations are formalised through liquidated damages and bonus clauses in the contract.

    AOM 1-3000

    Risk sharing and flexible solutions

    AOM 3000 – Share the risk

    For a comprehensive field service package that includes consumables and spare parts, AOM 3000 represents the value option for the risk-averse customer. It takes the benefits of the AOM 2000 agreement to the next level by including both fixed-price scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, maximising the reliability of your turbines. Only main components are excluded from the package, so by shifting the risk of repairs to Vestas, business case certainty is increased.

    AOM 2000 – Reduce the risk of downtime

    The AOM 2000 builds on the benefits of AOM 1000, with the added advantage of a fixed-price preventive maintenance programme. You gain the reassurance of knowing that your turbines will be well maintained, but without the commitment – or cost - of a more comprehensive service package.

    With AOM 2000, turbine performance is sustained through regular maintenance, with the option of additional maintenance items.

    AOM 1000 - For maximum flexibility

    AOM 1000 provides you with maximum flexibility for maintaining and servicing your windfarm. You buy services purely on a pay-as-you-go basis, ensuring you never spend any more than necessary. We provide troubleshooting and corrective maintenance with the benefits of OEM technicians, parts and tools.

    Parts & Repair

    Vestas | Spare parts

    Global supply chain, local presence
    Vestas distributes more than 500,000 parts per year and co-operate with more than 1,000 suppliers globally, to make sure that your costs are minimised. With 19 warehouses around the globe, and more than 19,000 parts on stock, we ensure that your turbines return to production in the shortest time possible, independent on the type of part you may need.

    Care concepts for main components
    Major components are a root cause to unexpected O&M costs. That is why Vestas consistently develop preventive and corrective repair solutions for blades, generators, gearboxes and transformers. Vestas service technicians perform uptower repair solutions for major components in more than 50 countries, which is a result of our dedication to become a global leader in the parts and repair market. Preventive solutions, such as inspections, represent a cost- and time-efficient alternative to running the component to failure. By repairing the component before it breaks, you will achieve an improved lifetime of the component, while keeping your O&M costs under control. That is optimised performance.

    Download our GeneratorCare™ brochure.

    Download our GearboxCare™ brochure.

    Parts and repair is an essential part of your business. Our goal is to be the industry-leading parts and repair partner for Vestas and non-Vestas turbines, without compromising on safety, quality or your profitability.

    Our journey towards that position is through continuous investments in R&D, strategic partnerships and unique product bundling. By offering you a wide and cost-effective range of valuable solutions, we ensure that your business operates smoothly. When you choose Vestas as your preferred parts and repair partner, you get a partner who is dedicated to ensure you timely delivery of the parts you need at a minimised cost. We strive to deliver unique, stand-alone repair solutions, which are designed to benefit our non-contract customers and ISPs. Our repair solutions are based on extensive field experience, quality, innovation, and timely execution, and our highly developed uptower capabilities enables you to save both time and money.

    VestasOnline® SCADA Systems

    Vestas | VestasOnline SCADA Systems

    Hit your production targets

    To reach your commercial goals, you need to maximise production and minimise downtime. VestasOnline® Business, our unique Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) tool developed by electrical system engineers and wind turbine specialists, will help you achieve just that

    Sharpen your business performance

    VestasOnline® Business allows you to communicate with third party service providers to support your power forecasting and trading. What’s more, the monitoring and control technology can be easily integrated into your second-level system. VestasOnline® Business offers up to 500 1Hz online signals from each turbine.

    Depending on the type of wind power plant, we offer two VestasOnline® packages:

    • VestasOnline® Compact - for smaller wind farms with up to 10 turbines, the system can be installed in the base of the turbine.
    • VestasOnline® Business - for larger wind farms or for customers who want advanced reporting, higher redundancy or advanced control and monitoring functionality.

      VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller

      Vestas | VestasOnline Power Plant Controller

      Achieving worldwide grid compliance

      The VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller is the first controller on the market fully dedicated to wind power plants. This state-of-the-art technology secures worldwide grid compliance at the point of common coupling for all known grid codes.

      Fast, reliable, real-time control with multiple control functionalities

      VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller controls the output of the wind power plant at the point of common coupling. Working independently of the SCADA system, the Power Plant Controller accurately monitors and controls each wind turbine.

      View the VestasOnline® Power Plant Controller brochure

      VestasOnline® Business

      Vestas | VestasOnline Business

      All the data you need

      In the wind energy business, knowledge is power. The VestasOnline® Business system monitors not only wind turbines, but also meteorological stations and grid stations, compiling the data to produce critical reports including:

      • Production charts
      • Event and alarm notifications
      • Performance and power curve reports
      • Point of common coupling measurements

      Intelligent control

      VestasOnline® Business measures and records output at the point of common coupling, ensuring output is constantly optimised. For flexibility and compliance with local requirements, our technology also features advanced ramp rates and scheduling functions, keeping you one step ahead of the game at all times.

      View the VestasOnline® SCADA brochure

      VestasOnline® Compact

      Vestas | VestasOnline Compact

      VestasOnline® Compact

      A lighter solution for smaller plants, VestasOnline® Compact II features:

      • Industrial PCs installed at the bottom of turbine towers.
      • An overview of power production, turbine status and statistics for the entire plant – with the ability to stop and start all turbines with a single command.
      • Basic reporting and data export features.
      • Transfer of alarms and status messages into emails.

      View the VestasOnline® SCADA brochure

      Vestas ForecastingTM

      Vestas | VestasOnline® Services
      Backed by 30 years of wind experience, our experts have developed advanced forecasting solutions to help make wind power more predictable, by delivering more accurate, site specific forecasts at turbine, park and portfolio level.

      Our installed base comprises nearly 20 percent of the world's wind turbines, most of which are under 24/7 surveillance by our team of experts.
      This comprehensive data set, our industry leading climate library and big data processing tools enable Vestas Forecasting
       to deliver a portfolio of forecasting products that maximise your business case certainty.  


      View the Vestas Forecasting™ brochure

        VestasOnline® PowerForecast

        Vestas | VestasOnline Power Forecast

        VestasOnline® PowerForecast is an advanced solution that helps make wind power more predictable, by delivering more accurate, site-specific power forecasts down to 10 minute intervals. With high forecast accuracy, complying to best practices and local grid requirements, VestasOnline® PowerForecast aids in minimising penalties and increasing revenues when participating in intraday and day-ahead markets.

        Benefits at a glance:

        • Makes wind power more predictable
        • Site-specific forecasts at single turbine, park and portfolio level
        • Tailored forecasts to specific market requirements
        • Enables you to increase spot market revenues in intraday and day ahead markets
        • Pre-definable forecast time horizons
        • Easy 24/7 access via VestasOnline®

        View the Vestas Forecasting™ brochure

        VestasOnline® WeatherForecast

        Vestas | VestasOnline Weather Services

        VestasOnline® WeatherForecast delivers timely, accurate weather forecasts tailored to the needs of the wind industry with global coverage.

        WeatherForecast delivers a multi-variable set of site-specific weather data, providing up to 10 day forecasts given at any wind farm location.

        Benefits at a glance:

        • Site-specific data across a wide range of meteorological variables
        • Customisable time horizon, up to 10 days
        • Tailored alerts and reports to increase safety and reduce risks
        • Reports can be downloaded, saved and compared
        • Easy 24/7 access via VestasOnline®
        • Multiple data delivery channels

        View the Vestas Forecasting™ brochure

        VestasOnline® SeasonalForecast

        Vestas | VestasOnline Weather Services
        VestasOnline® SeasonalForecast delivers a wind power energy production forecast for your wind park, 4 months in to the future. Historical, present and future variability across geographical regions is critical in optimising wind park performance and your business case.

        Benefits at a glance:

        • Forecasts 4 months in advance
        • 12 months of historical data, so you can look back on production data to better plan for the future
        • Access to monthly wind index data, dating back to 1 January 2000
        • Wind Index Maps visualize varying wind patterns across your power plant
        • Easy 24/7 access via VestasOnline®
        • Export your data for your own analysis

        View the Vestas Forecasting™ brochure


        Vestas | VestasOnline Weather Services

        Vestas IceForecast is a proven and unique service, offering forecast of icing-risk conditions covering both Vestas and non-Vestas turbines worldwide.

        Benefits at a glance:

        • Improved safety in wind park management
        • Helps reduce loads and equipment damage due to ice
        • Optimised planning for service, maintenance and down time
        • Informed, confident decision making with email alerts
        • Global coverage
        • Layout and content customisable based on your needs

        View the Vestas Forecasting™ brochure