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Project Planning

Vestas | Product Planning

When you are planning a wind power plant, you need to consider a broad range of factors over the entire lifecycle of the project. These range from financing and siting, to grid requirements and the regulatory framework.

Having installed more than 62,000 wind turbines throughout the world, we have remarkable expertise in these areas. We work closely with our customers during the planning phase to capitalise on this knowledge and build successful projects.



    Vestas | SiteHunt

    To estimate the energy production of a wind power plant, it is essential to have exceptional knowledge of the wind resource. With our extensive experience, we are able to optimise the layout of even the most complex sites using our SiteHunt® tool.

    SiteHunt® is an advanced analytical tool that examines a broad spectrum of wind and weather data to evaluate potential sites and establish which of them can provide the optimum conditions for your project.

    Vestas’ SiteHunt® puts at your disposal a proven and well-documented method of assessing the financial feasibility of a future wind power plant, lowering the cost of energy and maximising the return on your investment.

    View the SiteHunt® brochure

    Watch the power plant solutions video

    Watch the SiteHunt® and SiteDesign® video


    Vestas | SiteDesign

    SiteDesign® optimises the layout of your wind power plant through a sophisticated analysis of lifetime energy costs for each turbine. This is achieved by striking the most effective balance between a layout that maximises expected revenue, and one that reduces estimated operating and maintenance costs based upon Vestas’ deep knowledge into turbine components and operating data from global wind power plants. Put simply, SiteDesign® finds the balance between the estimated ratio of annual revenue to operating costs.

    Vestas’ SiteDesign® enables you to assess the production and operating costs of a complex wind energy site over the long term, and configure the optimal location and operational strategy of individual turbines accordingly.

    SiteDesign® is a crucial step in determining a project’s true potential, and provides a much firmer basis for investment decisions.

    View the SiteDesign® brochure

    Watch the power plant solutions video

    Watch the SiteHunt® and SiteDesign® video

    Electrical PreDesign

    Vestas | Electrical PreDesign

    The complexity and specific requirements of grid connections vary considerably across the globe, making the optimal design of electrical components for your wind power plant essential.

    By identifying grid codes early in the project phase and simulating extreme operating conditions, Electrical PreDesign provides you with an ideal way to build a grid compliant, productive and highly profitable wind power plant. It allows customised collector network cabling, substation protection and reactive power compensation, which boost the cost efficiency of your business.

    View the Electrical PreDesign brochure

    Watch the Power Plant Solutions video

    Watch the Electrical PreDesign video 

    Turbine Options & Solutions

    Vestas | Turbine Options

    An option is an extra feature that can be added to the turbine to suit a project’s specific needs. By adding options to the standard turbine, we can enhance the performance of the wind power project – and the business case certainty of the investment. Here are some of our options, although their availability will differ from country to country and from turbine to turbine.


      Fire Prevention Systems

      Vestas | Fire Suppression System


      Fire hazard incidents are significantly rare, but implications potentially severe. Therefore, fire prevention is a critical Vestas product function with a dedicated engineering discipline. 

      The Vestas engineers ensure that the turbines are designed adhering to the Vestas Fire Hazard Risk Assessment to comply with relevant standards and guidelines specific to fire and wind turbine application. 

      In addition to this, fire detection systems as well as fire suppression systems are available across the Vestas 2 and 4 MW platforms to safeguard the turbine.

      View the Fire Prevention Systems brochure

      Vestas InteliLight®

      Vestas InteliLight® delivers reliable activation of the aviation lights when needed while avoiding unnecessary continuous lighting. It is a proven end-to-end solution, designed by Vestas and optimised specifically for wind power plant applications. The result is an industry-leading, effective and safe solution available across turbine brands and multibrand parks.


      The Vestas InteliLight® is a complete end-to-end solution, from aircraft detection to controlled activation of aviation light and surveillance hereof. The system continuously and autonomously scans the wind park’s surrounding area. Each radar has an instrumented range up to 36 kilometers. If an approaching aircraft is detected, its distance, speed, and heading are tracked and an automatic assessment is made on whether or not to activate the aviation lights.

      View the Vestas InteliLight® brochure

      Watch the Vestas InteliLight®  video

      Shadow Detection System

      Vestas | Shadow Detection System

      The Vestas Shadow Detection System is a solution designed to tailer turbine operation to minimise the negative impact of shadow flicker on surroundings. Shadow flicker occurs when sunlight on a certain spot is continously broken by the rotating turbine blades.

      Uniquely configured for each turbine, VSDS ensures maximum turbine energy production, while adhering to local requirements and avoiding shadow flicker on surrounding inhabited areas.

      View the Vestas Shadow Detection System brochure

      Increased Cut-In Wind Speed

      Vestas | Increased Cut-In Wind Speed

      Increased Cut-In Wind Speed is a system intended to prevent bat and bird blade strikes. The system controls the turbine operational cut-in wind speed based on predefined parameters around the turbine, which includes bat and bird migration patterns.

      Increased Cut-In Wind Speed is compatible with all Vestas turbine models.

      View the Increased Cut-In Wind Speed brochure

      Power and Load Optimised Modes

      Vestas | Load and Power Modes


      Powered by Vestas' superior wind insight

      Vestas’ Power and Load Optimised Modes are advanced operational strategies, which enable product customisation for site-specific conditions. 

      Based on Vestas’ deep understanding of global wind patterns and load implications, the turbines are configurable to achieve the optimum power curves. The configurations maximise annual energy production of the individual turbines in the wind park, while adhering to the operational envelope of 20 year design lifetime. 

      Ultimately, ensuring the ideal wind solution to every site.

      View the Vestas Power and Load Optimised Modes brochure

      Condition Monitoring System

      Vestas | Condition Monitoring System

      This condition monitoring system analyses how your wind turbine is performing via a series of sensors. You’ll know early on if something isn’t performing as expected, and you can service and maintain the wind turbine before a problem becomes crucial and causes prolonged down time. That way you’ll reduce unscheduled maintenance, improve availability, reduce repair costs, plan repair logistics more efficiently, and add value over the long-term.

      The Condition Monitoring System is is compatible with all Vestas turbine models.

      View the Condition Monitoring System brochure

      Vestas Cold Climate Solutions

      Vestas | Vestas De-icing System

      Keep your wind turbines operating smoothly in challenging weather conditions with Vestas Cold Climate Solutions. Building on years of engineering expertise, our extensive portfolio ensure consistent and compliant output during icing and in cold climates:

      • Vestas Low Temperature Option
      • Vestas Ice Detection™ 
      • Vestas De-Icing™ 
      • Vestas Anti-Icing System™  
      • Vestas Ice Assessment™ 

      View the Vestas Cold Climate Solutions brochure

      View the Vestas Anti-Icing System™ brochure 

      Discover more on Vestas Anti-Icing System™

      Aviation Markings

      Vestas | Aviation Markings

      Aviation markings on the blades

      We offer contrasting colour stripes on blades, which are colour-coded by country, in order to make our turbines more visible for aircraft.

      Aviation lights

      Vestas offers a variety of aviation light solutions and related products to meet both international and national requirements for aviation marking of wind turbines.

      The aviation lights on both the nacelle and tower are visible 360° around the turbine. By adding visibility sensors, light intensity can be reduced in clear weather conditions. In case further reduction is needed the OCAS™ radar based solution only activates the lights when an aircraft is operating in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm. This reduces the visual impact to a minimum.

      The aviation lights are available in different configuration with variable colours (red or white), flash rates and intensities. As a standard, two lights are located on the top of the nacelle and, when required, four lights around the same radius on the tower to ensure 360° visibility.

      View the Aviation lights brochure

      Sound Power Optimisation

      Vestas | Copper Caps

      Vestas Sound Power Optimisation is a suite of options and solutions with the purpose of maximising energy production while meeting specific sound power levels.
      These include:

      • Siting Methods

      • Sound Mitigation Strategy

      • Vestas OptiTip®

      • Aerodynamic blade design

      • Serrated Trailing Edge technology

      View the Vestas Sound Power Optimisation brochure

      Yaw Power Backup

      Vestas | Yaw Power Back Up

      The Yaw Power Backup system is a combination of sensors and software to control the turbine above standard cut-out speeds. It ensures that the nacelle and blade assembly can continue to yaw accurately in winds of up to 70 m/s.

      The functionality consists of a special operational mode to ensure continuous yawing for turbines in areas where the risk of extreme wind events exists.  Connection of an external power back up system to power the yaw system during grid outage is optional.

      View the Yaw Power Backup brochure

      Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST)


      Reaching higher in low wind

      Vestas’ proprietary Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST) technology combines proven steel construction with an innovative design to deliver strength and height. Easy transportation and quick installation contribute to excellent cost of energy.

      LDST is a simple, yet highly efficient way to harvest wind resources at low-wind sites. Higher hub heights increase the force exerted by the wind on the Tower structure, which typically would require usage of thicker steel plates. Instead, LDST technology adds strength by increasing the diameter of the bottom sections without adding extra steel, reducing production costs, and ensuring at least 99 percent recyclability. Reaching higher with the LDST technology can result in up to 20 percent* higher Annual Energy Production (AEP).

      View the Vestas' LDST brochure

      High Wind Operation 

      High Wind Operation (HWO)

      Vestas’ High Wind Operation (HWO) is an intelligent control feature that allows the turbine to continue operating beyond standard cut-out wind speeds. HWO gradually reduces energy production following a derating profile to enable extended wind turbine operation. The result is improved output stability, energy production, and reliability.

      HWO can be applied to all Vestas turbine models operating with the VMP Global™ software platform.

      View the Vestas HWO Brochure 

      Construction & Installation

      Vestas | Construction & Installation

      During the construction phase, the wind power plant is built and connected to the grid. There is a huge number of tasks to be carried out by both the developer and Vestas to ensure this happens efficiently and effectively.

      Precisely who does what will differ from project to project depending on the risk profile. Working closely with the client, we can provide everything from an inclusive package, where we supply, install and calibrate the plant, to simply supplying the turbines.

      By choosing Vestas as your partner, you benefit from our vast knowledge and experience of different wind environments all over the world, together with our unrivalled project management skills, from design integration of every piece of the wind power plant, to high quality manufacturing and transport and construction expertise.


        EPC - Engineering Procurement Construction

        Vestas Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) leverages extensive project management experience and deep product knowledge to deliver customised solutions for each unique wind power project. Depending on project needs, Vestas EPC can be structured as a comprehensive turnkey solution or selected Balance of Plant support.

        Extensive project management experience combined with product expertise has resulted in more than 100 successfully executed EPC projects totalling more than 4 GW capacity around the world.

        View the Vestas EPC brochure

        Scope of Supply 

        Vestas | Scope of Supply

        Effectively managing your project’s scope of supply is an important factor in minimising the risk. We have designed a number of flexible solutions for optimising scope of supply to meet every customer requirement.

        We generally offer the following scopes of supply:

        Supply and supervision: As well as supplying the turbines, we supervise their installation and commissioning on site.

        Supply and commission: We provide manpower to help get the turbines up and running. We may also provide transport if you need it.

        Supply and installation: In addition to the above, we procure and supervise the cranes for installing your wind turbines, provide the manpower to install and commission the turbines, and, if required, we can also transport them from the factory to the site.