Delivering global investment security


David Brett

Director, Multibrand

Published on 15th November 2021

For high value and long-term investments like wind farms, investment security is always critical for both wind farm owners and financiers. But what can wind energy providers do to increase their levels of security?

Maintaining critical fleetwide uptime is always the answer – and the key to achieving this goal lies in the hands of a competent service organization, who in addition to providing fleet wide service across brands, can offer a competitive warranty that guarantees this uptime – or compensates for downtime. A boot and braces approach – insurance if you like, where if a fleet is not producing, you get compensated accordingly.

If you combine this level of warranty with an organization that offers highly trained, experienced teams of engineers working proactively on the root causes of failure; teams who can develop upgrades to improve the performance of a turbine - all while taking advantage of the cost advantages of global economies of scale, you’d get an ideal fleet-wide service provider who can deliver peace of mind in uncertain times.

And that’s what Vestas Multibrand Service sets out to be:  An organisation whose capabilities reach across the biggest brands in the market, from Alstom, GE, Alstom, Senvion, Suzlon to SGRE and Nordex. We do it by seriously investing in the technology that’s necessary to provide the level of service our customers expect: From the development of new technical documentation, SCADA systems and other software solutions to offering continuous data analysis, technical optimisation of individual turbines to increase energy output and the leverage of fleet wide data. Plus, of course, all the other synergies that come from servicing multiple turbine platforms in terms of physical parts availability.

Having these competencies in place means we can offer full-service contracts and competitive warranties to our customers. And the obvious advantages of this setup haven’t gone unnoticed by the market: Our cross-OEM knowledge has enabled us to partner with wind farm owners on new technology when they have been seeking a change of Service Provider or they’re in a challenging situation with the stability of their current one. Anywhere in the world.

With our worldwide presence, combined with the largest service fleet of over 100GW, we offer a global reach and stability that ensures wind farm investments are secured. In fact, since 2019, Vestas has entered 7 new Multibrand markets and now have Multibrand contracts in 22 out of the 88 countries in which Vestas is present.

For confidence in turbulent times – and in the future – our global, full-scope service contracts cover your investment for up to 20 years or more. With guaranteed uptime for your wind farm combined with competitive terms and conditions, Vestas ensures your investment is in safe hands.