Graduate Tracks

The tracks of our programme

For the Vestas Graduate Programme starting on the 1st of September 2022, we will be offering Graduate positions within five different tracks. No matter what track you decide to apply for, you will embark on a two-year graduate journey within the same track.

The Commercial & Business track is designed to cater for exposure in one of our global business functions or in our regional business units in either Sales, Service, or Construction. The Graduate positions are mainly found within Sales, Service, Construction, Finance and HR. Regardless of the function, the positions within this track are characterised by either a commercial or business focus.

The positions are divided between:

  • HR Business Transformation – Aarhus, Denmark
  • HR Learning & Development - Aarhus, Denmark
  • Financial Planning – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Global Installation, Construction – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Offshore Market Entry Support, Construction – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Construction Offshore Taiwan - Taipei, Taiwan
  • Service Commercial Management - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Regional Service Operations - Hamburg, Germany

The Development track is designed to cater for exposure in the Development function and Sales. Development covers the first phase in the creation of a power plant. Key activities in this phase include securing land rights and the appropriate permits, site design, ensuring grid connection, and securing offtake of projects, including financing. You will gain important insight into our strategic approach to further developing our company and solutions.

By holding a position within the Development track, you will also be part of working with “de-risking” projects by bringing them closer to operation, resulting in greater inherent risk exposure relative to turbine manufacturing.

The development positions can be placed in either a regional or a global development function. 

The positions are divided between:

  • Global Development -  Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Regional Development Northern & Central Europe – Malmö
  • Regional Development Northern & Central Europe – Hamburg
  • Regional Development North America – Portland, Oregon 

The IT & Digitalisation track is designed to cater for exposure within Vestas’ digital landscape. You will gain insight into Vestas’ way of transforming IT and data with the purpose of securing a seamless flow of data across the Vestas value chain.

In the IT and Digitalisation track you will work with innovative and transformational projects, ensuring Vestas keeps up with the future IT and digitalisation demands.

The positions in this Graduate Track will be divided globally across Global IT, Service Digitalisation, and the Application, Controls and Electrical business functions. 

The positions are divided between:

  • Sales Force – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Cyber Security – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Data Management – Aarhus, Denmark

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Quality is a combined track of our Production area, Supply Chain, and Quality business functions. The aim of this track is to ensure a thorough understanding of the manufacturing environment and associated areas.

In this track you will contribute to maturing and developing projects across the manufacturing value chain. Positions within functions such as Quality, Supply Chain & Logistics together with Procurement will guarantee many interesting connections during the two-year program.

The positions are divided between:

  • Quality Continuos Improvement – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Quality Improvement, Quality & PEX – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Global Procurement, Supplier Quality Development  – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Global Supply Chain Management & Transport - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Regional Transport NCE - Aarhus, Denmark

Technology & Innovation is the area where the future of sustainable energy solutions come to life. It is also the area where Vestas teams bring new ideas and improvements to existing technologies.

In this Graduate track, you can be part of different phases in the innovation and technology journey, from early exploring and incubation of new technologies to the handling of CIM cases on our installed fleet. 

The positions are divided between:

  • Aerodynamic & Electrical (Powertrain) – Porto, Portugal
  • Aerodynamic & Electrical  (Nacelle TCM) – Porto, Portugal
  • Product Solution & Integration (Technical Management) – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Product Solution & Integration (Loads & Control Offshore Products) – Porto, Portugal