Graduate Tracks

The tracks of our programme

For the 2023 Graduate Programme, we will offer Graduate positions within three different tracks: Business & Commercial, Supply Chain & Sustainability, and Innovation & Digital. No matter which track you decide to apply for, you will embark on a two-year graduate journey within the track.

Business & Commercial

In the track of Business & Commercial, you will get the chance to gain valuable insight into our strategic approach and influence the further development of our company. The track is designed to cater for exposure in either one of our global business functions or in one of our regional business units, and it includes positions in Development, Sales, Service, Construction, Human Resources, and Finance.

As this track covers many business areas, you will get the opportunity to try out your competencies in various contexts. However, regardless of the function, the positions within this track are characterised by either a commercial or business focus.


Supply Chain & Sustainability

Supply Chain is the area in which our solutions are brought into existence, and combined with Sustainability, this track also ensures that our solutions are produced in the most sustainable way.

The track is a combination our Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Sustainability business functions, and the aim is to ensure a thorough understanding of the manufacturing environment and associated areas that contribute to a sustainable supply chain and business approach.

In this track you will contribute to maturing and developing projects across the manufacturing value chain. Positions within functions such as Sales, Manufacturing and Procurement will guarantee many exciting connections during the two-year program.

Innovation & Digital

Innovation & Digital is the area where the future of sustainable energy solutions come to life. It is also the area where teams bring new ideas and improvements to existing technologies.

In this track, you will work with innovative and transformational projects, ensuring Vestas remains competitive and continues to develop and optimise cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions. This includes optimising for both our products and for our people.