Graduate Recruitment Process

How to join us as a graduate

To identify, select, and hire the most suitable graduates for our programme, a comprehensive recruitment process will take place. Our graduate recruitment process differs slightly from the general process. Therefore, we have outlined the different steps below

Once you have decided on which track(s) to apply for, you need to prepare your CV, cover letter and diploma including grades (or a printout if you are yet to graduate).

Importantly, you need to apply via our recruitment system online. Once you have applied, you will receive a confirmation email through the email address you have provided.

Please note: You must be in possession of a work and residence permit in the country you are applying for a graduate position in.

After the application deadline, an experienced recruiter will shortlist relevant candidates. If you are not among those shortlisted, we will provide you with the outcome of your application as soon as possible.

If you are among the selected candidates, we will ask you to do a short video interview through Cammio. The interview will be a recording of you answering a few predefined questions and will thus not be a typical interview with a recruiter or manager present.

After you have submitted the video interview, a recruiter will review it. Based on their experienced and professional evaluation, you will be informed about the outcome of your application and whether you have proceeded to a personal interview. 

At the interview, you will meet either a recruiter or a business manager, but most likely both. The interview can take place either on Microsoft Teams or in a Vestas location. Prior to the interview, you will be asked to complete two online assessments (personality and cognitive) via a link.

Your experience of the interview is important to us, and we aim for it to be a transparent and comfortable conversation between the involved parties.

As soon as we have decided which candidates to continue with, the remaining ones will be notified and receive feedback. 

If you progressed from the final interview, you would need to attend an assessment centre. The assessment centre is a physical/virtual session for assessing candidates by asking you to complete cases and collaborate with other people.

The session will be with other qualified graduate candidates, business managers, and representatives from Vestas People and Culture, and allows us to evaluate you in a different setting.

After the assessment centre you will receive feedback on whether you have been accepted to the Vestas Graduate Programme.

Congratulations on becoming our next graduate! We are very happy to have you on board.

Once you have been offered a position, the onboarding process is initialised. We intend to give you the best possible beginning to your new journey and make you feel welcome from day one.

You will receive an email with a link to the onboarding system in which you can find relevant materials about Vestas, and your new manager will create an Onboarding Plan to make sure everything is ready when you join.

The Graduate Programme is a two-year programme, starting in September 2022.

This year, we have positions in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Taiwan, and the US. 

To qualify for the programme, you must: 

  • Hold a relevant Master's or Bachelor's degree with limited full-time work experience after graudation. We are open to various university and educational backgrounds. 
  • Possess a valid work permit in the country you are applying for. 
  • Have great IT skills. 
  • Speak a minimum of two languages (English required) or have English as your first language. 
  • Have experience wit living abroad (studying/working) and organising yourself in a new environment. 

When entering the Vestas Graduate Programme, you will be offered a two-year contract. When completing the programme, we expect that your competencies and skills qualify you for another position in Vestas. However, there is no guarantee that you will be offered a new position, but due to our investment in the Graduate Programme, we do our best to find an ideal match.

In order to qualify for the Vestas Graduate Programme, you must already possess a valid work permit in the country that you are applying for. If you do not meet the criteria, we are unfortunately unable to proceed with your application. 

We experience a huge interest in the Graduate Programme and receive many applications. Due to the volume, we unfortunately will not be able to provide individual feedback. 

The Graduate Programme is an entry-level programme where most Graduates join directly after completing their master’s degree. If you have 1-2 years of experience after your graduation, you are also eligible to apply. 

We expect to hire approximately 27 Graduates. 

In order to qualify for the programme you need to have completed either your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. 

As part of the Graduate Programme, you will be offered an attractive compensation package. The salary offered is comparable to an entry level position depending on the country in which you are hired in.

Yes, you are able to apply for positions in other countries as long as you have a valid work permit for the country you are applying for.