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Your career

Vestas’ core business consists of development, production, sales and service of within sustainable energy solutions and our more than 24,500 talented colleagues all perform to meet our pure goal: generating the greatest and most sustainable return for our customers.

In a dynamic and fast-paced industry like the wind industry, new commercial and environmental opportunities are constantly emerging. To maintain our position as an industry pace-setter, we always look for new talented employees.

Career Development

To ensure that we apply all your skills and talents as effectively as possible at our company, we are focused on offering our employees the right development and learning opportunities.

Around the world, we provide development and learning opportunities designed to channel talented colleagues through our Vestas career paths.

In addition, we strive to track your success and guide your development through our Continuous Performance and Development process. In this process we are aiming to set performance and development objectives for the year ahead, having frequent Check-in meetings throughout the year with your manager, focusing on the continuous progress on your objectives and your development, and then closing the year where your achievements over the previous twelve months will be evaluated.

Find more information about our focus on development here

Vestas | Development

Career Path

Depending on the experience and the role, we offer structured career paths for several of our positions across the business. This is done through each of our three equally-weighted career paths: 

  • People & Business leadership (for people managers)
  • Knowledge & Innovation leadership (for technical or business experts)
  • Project Leadership (for project managers)

We manage a strong internal pipeline of multi-skilled employees to ensure the future competitiveness of the company while boosting your career. 

Many of our job opportunities have a predefined path. All three paths run across all areas of the business and are of equal importance to Vestas.


    Knowledge & Innovation

    We’re passionate about visionary leaders

    Vision and foresight. This is what keeps us innovative and competitive in the increasingly competitive wind power marketplace. And it is our Knowledge & Innovation leaders who provide it: They are beacons of expertise to guide our future technologies and business processes in an ever more ambitious direction.

    Driving forward innovation throughout the organisation

    We identify our Knowledge & Innovation leaders from among the highly skilled experts who flourish in our company. Accept the responsibilities of the role and you will become one of our key players, taking charge of developing state-of-the-art technical and business innovations, which will have a high impact on our performance.

    This is your chance to prove you can shine in a competitive field – seeing answers where others only see problems, and opportunities rather than hurdles.

    Vestas | Knowledge & Innovation

    Project Leadership

    Making a high business impact

    Our global reputation depends on us meeting our deadlines and sticking to our budgets. And that is where our Project Leaders come in. To succeed, you will need impeccable business skills, as well as the ability to unite large teams of people to meet the needs of our diverse stakeholder groups.
    As a Project Leader, you will lead assignments of increasing complexity and business impact. The responsibilities are significant, but so are the rewards – the chance to steer a project from conception to successful completion.

    It is your opportunity to prove your abilities by embracing the demands of a role, which values finely-honed personnel skills as highly as strategic coordination skills.

    Cross-departmental responsibilities

    You will be expected to lead key business projects, often spanning multiple departments. For top talents – people who can ensure performance, accountability and on-time delivery of projects of any scale and scope – the Project Leadership career path provides inspirational new challenges every day.

    Vestas | Project leadership

    People and Business

    Inspiring leadership from the front

    To maintain a pioneering role in the world’s wind power industry, we need outstanding People & Business leaders. Inspirational individuals who can help guide our business towards greater heights, while inspiring people around them to think creatively and perform to the best of their abilities.
    Our People & Business leaders are focused on delivering results through the employees in their team: motivating them, steering them in the right direction and developing their skills continuously. It is a role that acknowledges the importance of innovative business leadership and the value of good communication between all colleagues.

    Your chance to prove your potential

    As a People & Business leader within Vestas, you will drive the performance of the company and its people by setting high goals and objectives – and then ensuring they are met by harnessing the combined talents of your team.

    Vestas | People & Business


    Competitive pay. Attractive rewards - working for Vestas is about much more than just a pay cheque.

    We recognise that as well as providing you with a challenging and varied work environment, we must also provide a rewards package to match. That is why, in addition to a competitive salary, working for Vestas comes hand-in-hand with a range of other benefits.

    You benefit from our profitability

    Depending on where you are located, we may offer benefits such as pension and insurance plans, health insurance, subsidized lunch, gym access, work-life policies including flexible work arrangements, IT equipment and competitive vacation policies. You will find information about exactly which benefits are available in a particular role during the recruitment process.

    All employees participate in our global annual bonus programme – whether working in developing, producing, marketing, selling, installing or servicing wind turbines – and will receive a share in our growing success and our mission to build a greener future, in line with the company’s overall performance. Our bonus programme reflects not just profitability, but also customer loyalty, business unit results and other measurable factors.

    Of course, the advantages of working for Vestas are about more than money and lifestyle privileges. We offer high-level training in a major growth industry and a range of career paths to suit everyone. Opportunities for internal promotion – and international mobility – are available for those determined to make the most of their time with us.