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Vestas Design Centre in Porto

Welcome to the Vestas Porto Design Center. The Porto Design Center is an evolution of the presence in Portugal of Vestas to strengthen its global R&D setup. The Porto Design Centre collaborates in the development of products for the global market in an ever-changing environment ensuring Vestas continues to have a market leading product portfolio.

About the Porto Design Centre

This centre, being a critical part of the Vestas engineering network, works with other design centres in Denmark, Germany, India, and the UK. It is tasked with developing capabilities in a cross-functional, agile development environment covering abroad set of different disciplines in mechanical, electrical, controls, data analytics, materials, among others. 

Today, everyone at Vestas works to ensure that we deliver best-in-class sustainable energy solutions and set the pace in our industry to the benefit of our customers and our planet. 

Please watch the video below to discover more about the Porto Design Centre:

Different Areas

Those who identify with Vestas values and want to work in a challenging, creative, energetic, and team environment, working with colleges across the globe, developing parts of the solutions that go into our product offering, both in our wind turbines and into our plant level, find the offerings available in the different areas, can apply here.

Want to know more? Discover the six main areas of development in the Porto Design Centre. 

Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO is responsible for providing high-class project managers for execution of the Vestas Power Solutions portfolio. The PMO team in Porto is supporting all areas in VPS, focusing on leading projects executed in Porto. Being close to the engineering organization, we act as the interface between Engineering, Platform & Portfolio Management and often we are engaged with full value chain.

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Wind Capture and Transport & Handling (WTH)

The Wind Capture and Transport & Handling (WTH) department is divided into two main areas of engineering expertise, Wind Capture System and Transportation & Handling of Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) components.  

The Wind Capture team is responsible for developing solutions within the wind turbine blades and hub, including materials qualification, aerodynamic add-ons, systems and structural design.

The Transport and Handling team develops processes and tools required to transport the WTG components by road, rail or sea from the Vestas factories to the final installation sites and also for the ones required to handle said components by means of crane and forklift all the way up to WTG commissioning.

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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering team in Porto is responsible for the design and development of engineering solutions in 3 systems: Nacelle Engineering, which includes the front and rear structures of the nacelle, the cooling and conditioning systems and the access and maintenance equipment’s; Tower Engineering, including the foundations, the tower structure and the tower internal components; Powertrain Engineering, which is the system that converts the mechanical energy from the wind turbine rotor into electrical energy and includes the design, together with our suppliers, of the gearbox, generator, bearings and other auxiliary components.

The Mechanical Engineering Department also has a team of CAD engineers responsible for executing design on time and at cost, with accountability on the quality and integrity of 3D models and 2D drawings. The mechanical CAD engineering team has a high focus on delivering and implementing CAD design across the 3 above mention systems, ensuring that production aspects are embedded in the 3D design and 2D drawings and the Vestas defined standard parts are used.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is responsible for technology and product development of all medium and low voltage electrical components at Turbine and Power Plant level: Converters, Transformers, Switchgears, Electrical Control Cabinets, Plant Controls, Electrical Models, Balance of Plant equipment etc.

Through innovation, development and continuous product improvement we develop the technologies that reduce the cost of energy and bring the wind power systems of the future.

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Control Engineering

The Control Function consists of four main areas of control software, control sensors, loads and control platform and technology.

The Control Software team is responsible for developing software that manages most of turbine’s components and safety systems according to international standards. It’s also responsible for implementing communication protocols that allow remote monitoring, management and data collection.

The Control Sensors team is responsible for the design, implementation and verification of smart sensor solutions, using cutting edge signal processing tools, sensor fusion and machine learning techniques to improve key measurement signals needed for advanced control algorithms of a modern wind turbine.

The Control Platform team is dedicated to the development of the low-level software running on the turbine control embedded systems, comprising real-time operating systems and network communication, input/output and support for fieldbus protocols. The group is also responsible for the development of Vestas Online Toolkit®, the tool used by service technicians for turbine maintenance worldwide.

The Loads & Control Platform team is responsible for the wind turbine performance – by minimizing extreme and fatigue loads, maximizing power output, reducing unwanted phenomena as noise, and ensuring safety and grid compliance. 

The Loads & Control Technology team is responsible for developing technologies aiming at reduction of CoE. We are dedicated to the ideation, design of technologies and ideas which require a core understanding of physical modelling, wind turbine dynamics and control.

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Data Engineering and Analytics

Data Engineering & Analytics department in Porto is responsible for the development of data solutions. We collect data from millions of sources - from turbines all over the world, up to the meteorological data available. With a strong team ranging areas from Weather forecast, operational forecast, simulation and modelling and data science, we collect and use the data available to help us build the next generation of our products.

The department also has a focus in Cybersecurity and Network Security, adopting new strategies and methodologies to hardening our products

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Master Thesis Programme

If you are a student and wish to collaborate with Vestas on your next project or master’s thesis, we invite you to have a look at our current project openings. 

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    Job Openings in Porto

    To search for job openings with Vestas you can either search on the location or job field you are interested in. You can apply for a job opening by using the bottom Apply Online in the individual job advertisement. 

    When submitting your CV and application, you will receive a confirmation mail through the email address you have provided. 

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