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Vestas InteliLight™

Active Aviation Light Management


Integrated solution optimized for wind power plants

Vestas InteliLight™ delivers reliable activation of the aviation lights when needed while avoiding unnecessary continuous lighting. It is a proven safe solution, designed specifically for wind turbine parks and integrated into the Vestas portfolio of products, systems, and siting tools. The result is an industry-leading, safe, and effective solution.

The system continuously and autonomously scans the wind park’s surrounding area. Each radar has a minimum range of eight kilometers. If an approaching airplane is detected, its distance, speed, and heading are tracked and an assessment is made on whether or not to activate the aviation lights.

Vestas InteliLight™ is an expanded product solution replacing OCAS®.


                 Watch our video explaining Vestas InteliLightTM solution

+10 years
of combined experience
Proven, reliable technology
500 MW
turbines with InteliLightâ„¢
Certified in five markets
8 km
minimum range
Safe and effective solution
Download our Vestas InteliLight™ brochure below.