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Part of Vestas Cold Climate Solutions 

Vestas Anti-Icing System™

Targets icing where and when it’s needed

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Vestas Anti-Icing System™ efficiently manages ice formation on blades during operation to maximise energy production. As part of Vestas’ portfolio of cold climate solutions, it helps address performance challenges associated with operation in cold climate conditions.

The combination of several independent heating elements and levels result in targeted and effective anti-icing action tailored to the specific icing event. Targeting icing only where and when it is needed minimises the system’s power consumption and maximises the effective climatic operating range.

Vestas Anti-Icing System™ is available for V136-4.2 MW™, V150-4.2 MW™,           V150-5.6 MW™ and V162-5.6 MW™

Watch the Vestas Anti-Icing System™ video below:

4 GW
in ice prone sites*
production retention**
16 years
of experience within cold climates
* Above IEA ice class II 
** Depending on siting and climatic conditions. The system retains 90% in climatic  and operating conditions within the maximum performance operating envelope

Vestas Anti-Icing System™ is developed and optimised based on years of experience and extensive performance data insights gathered from thousands of turbines in cold climate sites. Vestas Anti-Icing System™ is designed and
engineered by Vestas, specifically for Vestas blades and control systems.

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