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Over our unparalleled +40 years of experience, we have installed more than 100 GW of turbines in over 
80 countries and have more than 90 GW of turbines under service. 

Our exceptional performance continues to be the driving force behind the rapid growth of renewable energy availability around the world.


Powered By Innovation – Inspiring Wind Education

Published on 21st of February 2020 by Laura Pardo Garcia

Inspiring the next generation of engineers and wind warriors was the premise behind two innovative programmes that Vestas piloted in Tamaulipas, Mexico...

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Powered By Purpose – Community Engagement in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Published on 27th January 2020 by Laura Pardo Garcia

Engaging with and celebrating the communities in which we operate is an important pillar of Vestas’ purpose and practices. As a company Vestas remains committed to improving the lives of the people who ...

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Powered By Purpose – Rom Klao, Wind That Changes Lives

Published on 5th December 2019 by Clive Turton

Vestas has always been at the forefront of the wind energy transition, not only from a technology standpoint but also in the regions in which we operate. In early 2018 Vestas took significant steps forward in continuing this journey by developing the largest wind farm in Thailand.

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Powered by Experience

Providing service to more than 6 GW of non-Vestas turbines in over 60 countries, we are the industry’s most experienced multibrand service provider. 

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Powered by Performance

With more than 40 years of industry leading experience, Vestas creates complete energy solutions that connect renewable resources efficiently and profitably to the grid.

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Powered by Innovation

Data is in our DNA. Our industry-leading data capabilities offer customers innovative digital solutions to deliver greater predictability, increased renewable energy production, and better integration with energy grids.

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Powered by Purpose

To encourage a company-wide sustainability culture, Vestas invests in nurturing and developing knowledge and skills of our employees, so everyone is empowered to work towards a shared vision of sustainability.

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