Vestas Ventures

Portfolio Investments

Swedish developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for automotive, grid storage and industrial applications. Northvolt Ett, the company’s first Gigafactory powered 100% by renewable energy, will produce 16Gwh of battery capacity to be scaled up to 40GWh. In 2019, Northvolt raised capital from BMW, Goldman Sachs, Siemens, Scania and IKEA. Vestas has successfully engaged in several projects with Northvolt.

Swedish developer of patented wind turbine towers made from sustainably-sourced engineered wood products. The modular tower design allows for ease of transportation with an ability to increase HUB height while descreasing costs and CO2 emissions from wind turbine towers.

Vestas Ventures invested in Modvion, January 2021 to support and accelerate the deployment of sustainable Modvion towers.

Swedish green tech company S&L Access Systems, a subsidiary of Stena AB, which has developed the Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology featuring a new top crane technology enabling heavy lifts on hub heights well beyond 200 metres. The crane can operate in higher wind speeds and requires a smaller pad onsite. Vestas Ventures invested in S&L Access Systems Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology in August 2021 to further strengthen its position as global leader in sustainable energy solutions and to reduce carbon emissions from its value chain.