Vestas Ventures

Investment areas

In the pursuit of a greener future there are many challenges ahead of us, but most of all opportunities. We want to grasp those opportunities and therefore focus on the following four areas where we can create mutual value, that is in line with our core ambitions:

1. Long duration energy storage and flexibility solutions

This investment area is addressing the challenge of increasing intermittency in grids as more and more renewable generation capacity is installed on the distribution grids. Low-cost long duration energy storage is an attractive solution to mitigate grid imbalances and declining value of renewables by providing storage to offer dispatchable, renewable electricity. Energy storage management systems are supporting grid integration, value capture and additional revenue streams from e.g. offering grid services such as frequency regulation.

2. Power to X

By leveraging Vestas’ pioneering position with the renewable energy sector, we aim to be part of driving the green transition by providing commercially viable solutions to electrify and decarbonize industries and the transport sector. Vestas Ventures aim to invest in new technologies and solutions within Power to X to accelerate the green transition towards using hydrogen and e-fuels for the transportation sector and industries.

3. ‘High value’ generating wind solutions

This area addresses new, emerging wind technologies and solutions that either improve energy production, reduce losses or cut costs, in order to provide a stronger business case for our customers. Wind is at the core of what Vestas does. Venture investments is therefore another vehicle to mature new, commercially viable solutions to improve Vestas’ offerings to the market.

4. Sustainable and advanced materials for wind turbines

Scouting for and investing in the best sustainability startups will help Vestas achieve its sustainability goals by being carbon neutral by 2030 without the use of carbon offsets, and to produce zero-waste turbines by 2040. With Vestas’ recently announced ambitious sustainability strategy, there is a tremendous need for new, innovative solutions to support Vestas’ and the broader energy industry’s transition towards sustainable design, manufacturing and decommissioning of wind turbines. Advanced and innovative materials are key for reaching new levels of CO2-free manufacturing and high degree of material circularity, as especially turbine blades cannot be recycled today.

How we invest

  • Investment in start-ups and early scale-ups
  • Seed through Series B rounds (proof of Concept or first commercial pilot)
  • Geographically agnostic but will syndicate with a local investor
  • Invest in founder friendly terms so all parties will thrive
  • High strategic fit to Vestas' long term strategy is essential
  • Jointly developed value creation plan for both parties