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Vestas is the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer with more than 154 GW of wind turbines installed globally. Furthermore, Vestas has the largest fleet of wind turbines under service worldwide, with more than 132 GW.

In order to achieve our long-term vision to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, we have seen further opportunities to invest into new innovations to make our products, services, capabilities and our value chain more sustainable. With additional challenges arising in the renewable energy sector, we will keep innovating close to our core business but believe it is time to take the next step in building a more sustainable future to improve and create value for our business and customers.

In 2015, Vestas broadens its vision to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions. With increasing competition from Oil & Gas majors’ entry into the renewable energy value chain, a global acceleration of the green transition through direct and indirect electrification of industries took place. We are dealing with a complex energy system with greater need than ever to balance high penetration of intermittent renewables with increasing electricity consumption.

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When Vestas started the collaboration with the Swedish startup Northvolt in 2017 to develop a lithium-ion battery, the way was paved for higher ambitions. This project enables Vestas to ensure more certainty and predictability in power output for greater grid stability and compliance with emerging grid requirements. After successful deployment, in 2019, Vestas partners with Mercedes Benz EQ Formula E Team, to power its race cars based on a Vestas containerized energy storage solution with Northvolt battery cells.

To commercialize this offering, in late 2020, Vestas partners with OK where both companies established a turbocharger that will exclusively charger EVs using wind-sourced electricity only.

Vestas Ventures is the platform we developed to invest into external companies to challenge our status quo and achieve our long-term vision to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions.

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