Investing in the future of sustainable energy solutions

Vestas Ventures

Vestas Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer. We focus on supporting Vestas on its journey to becoming the global leader in sustainable energy solutions.

Our investment areas

Long duration energy storage and flexibility solutions
  • Technologies and solutions for long duration energy storage
  • Energy management solutions and aggregation
Power to X
  • Indirect electrification e.g. within cement and steel
  • Integration of renewables and electrolysis
‘High value’ generating wind solutions
  • Emerging technologies and solutions that improve the attractiveness of utility scale wind energy
  • Focus on solutions within onshore, offshore and service within both
Sustainable and advanced materials for wind turbines
  • New and advanced materials to improve circularity and recyclability
  • Potentially within design, manufacturing, decommissioning and procurement

Unparalleled insight and access

+166 GW installed in 88 countries

Our presence enables global market access with sales and service offices worldwide

+40 years experience and market leader

And +2,000 engineers globally allow us to uniquely support innovation

Decarbonisation by electrification

Leading the transition towards a world powered by sustainable energy allows us to look at innovations beyond our core

More than capital

The core values of Vestas are Simplicity, Collaboration, Accountability, and Passion. We live these values at Vestas Ventures by being a partner who evaluates opportunities through a strategic lens and is committed to delivering mutually valuable collaboration. 

A partner who is agile, investing globally across the venture funding cycle with a simple and efficient decision-making process. And a partner who is passionate, open and curious.

Contact us

If you are ready for the next step, get in touch with us and provide some background to your story including pitch deck.

Important note: Please be advised that Vestas conducts research and development on a broad scale. To avoid any risk of confusion over ownership, please do not send any confidential information or trade secrets to Vestas. Share only non-confidential information which focuses on high-level descriptions. 

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