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Vestas’ COVID-19 pandemic response and mitigation setup

At Vestas the safety and well-being of our employees is our highest priority. We are doing everything to ensure our colleagues take all necessary precautions to prevent exposure to the coronavirus. This includes circulating updates on the development of the situation, guidance on preventing transmission through recommended precautionary measures and support channels for questions and concerns. We are also ensuring that our advice is closely aligned with the guidance of the WHO and our medical advisors, International SOS. We are endeavouring to minimise the risk of exposure to the virus by restricting or banning travel to specific areas of the world, while allowing business to continue as usual outside these areas.

Energy is critical for society to function and to mitigate the long-term economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must ensure stable energy supply. Vestas therefore strives to operate at the highest possible capacity and works hard to deliver as promised to our customers, although the situation continues to evolve. To that end, it is also too early to comment on what the impact eventually could be.

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