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Blade Services
The benefits of inspection and early intervention
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Give your blades the attention they deserve

Blades play a crucial role in the operations of a wind turbine, acting as the direct interfaces between the wind and the turbine. Any inefficiency in this first encounter can have major impacts on turbine production. When you then consider that blades face all sorts of climatic conditions such as rain, sand, snow, hail, and even lightning strikes, the case for why blades need extraordinary care is clear. 

Yet, blades are not always treated as their importance warrants. Often, they are neglected in maintenance strategies, resulting in unnecessary high costs and turbine downtime. 

Read an article from Dan Molyneux, our Blades Manager in North America and get a closer look at Vestas' approach to blade maintenance and what you as an asset owner should consider in your blade maintenance strategy.

of annual O&M costs
Vestas’ data indicates that blade maintenance costs account for 4-5% of the annual O&M spend on a turbine.
of lost production time
Across the 18.4 GW fleet Vestas manages in the U.S. and Canada, blades account for more than 5% of all lost production time, 6th highest among all components.
AEP loss
Leading edge erosion, one of the most common wear and tear damages, has an accelerating effect on AEP. In cases where it is not detected and handled in time, it can reduce AEP by up to 3.5%.

Download the article and contact your local service representative to identify the most suitable solution for your blades.


Vestas offers the full range of blade services, including blade inspections, repairs, lightning protection, wear and tear, and leading edge protection