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V164-8.0 MW® at a Glance

The 164-8.0 MW® IEC S is designed from a power plant perspective, helping to drive your profitability to new levels in offshore wind. The ratio between the 164 m rotor and the 8.0 MW generator is designed to suit the harsh conditions in the North Sea area resulting in greater annual energy production. Fewer turbines are needed to produce the required amount of energy – reducing the cost of transportation, foundations, installation, cabling, service and maintenance. With its 25-year structural design life, the V164-8.0 MW® is designed to require as little maintenance as possible, and when servicing is required, it is safe, quick and cost efficient.

Options available for the V164-8.0 MW® IEC S

Vestas | Options available for the V164-8.0 MW® IEC S
  • Certified Condition Monitoring System
  • Aviation lights
  • Aviation markings on the blades
  • Heli hoist platform
  • Tower design optimized for all typical foundations types
  • Power back up


Since 1990, Vestas has installed  637 turbines offshore providing a total capacity of 1,577 MW. 


It is key to find the right turbine for your wind site. The V164-8.0 MW® IEC S is specifically designed for offshore conditions.

1.196 MW 

With more than 20 years of offshore experience, 1.577 MW installed and 1.184 MW under service contracts, Vestas pioneered the offshore industry.

The V164-8.0 MW® IEC S

164-8.0 MW®

The V164-8.0 MW® IEC S is specifically designed for offshore conditions and it has been designed with two guiding principles in mind. Firstly, this new generation of offshore turbines is intended to require as little maintenance as possible. Secondly, when servicing is required, it should be as safe, quick and cost efficient as possible.

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Vestas | The V164-8.0 MW® IEC S turbine

Technical Specifications

Rated power 8,000 kW
Cut-in wind speed 4 m/s
Operational rotor speed 4.8 - 12.1 rpm
Nominal rotor speed 10.5 rpm
Operational temperature range -10 - +25oC
Extreme temperature range -15 - +35oC
 Wind class  IEC S
 Annual avg. Wind speed  11 m/s
 Weibull shape parameter  k 2.2
 Weibull scale parameter  12.4 m/s
 Turbulence intensity  IEC B
 1 year mean wind speed V1 (10 min avg.)  40 m/s
 50 year mean wind speed V50 (10 min avg.)  50 m/s
 Max inflow angle (vertical)  0o
Structural design lifetime 25 years
Rotor diameter 164 m
Swept area
21,124 m2
 Frequency  50 Hz
 Converter  full scale
 Generator  permanent magnet
Nominal voltage 
33 - 35 or 66 kV

 Type steel tower
Hub height site specific

Height 8 m
20 m
8 m
Nacelle, including hub
390 tonnes
Blade 35 tonnes
site dependent
80 m
Max. chord
4.6 m

Power Curve


8 MW Platform

The V164-8.0 MW® signifies a quantum leap forward in rotor size and energy capture. Reducing operations and maintenance costs by enabling customers to run fewer, larger turbines, the 164 m rotor diameters offers you a swept area of more than 21,000 m2 - the equivalent of almost three football pitches. When it comes to profitability the bigger the swept area the bigger the revenue.

Using our three decades of industry experience, we’ve combined proven technology and innovative engineering to design the ultimate offshore turbine.

The V164-8.0 MW®  has been designed with two guiding principles in mind: firstly, this new generation of offshore turbines is intended to require as little maintenance as possible. Secondly, when servicing is required, it should be as safe, quick and cost efficient as possible. 

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Operation & Maintenance

You need to consider a large number of factors when operating a wind farm. It has to be serviced, it has to be managed effectively to get the most out of the turbines, you have to train people to operate it, and it has to be insured. We can help with all these issues, and more.

We provide a range of different offerings, such as service and training, and work in close collaboration with our customers to help them find the optimum solution for operating their wind power plant.

Options & Solutions

To gain the most out of your wind site, Vestas offers you a wide range of options and solutions to support you in every step of your value chain. With our vast knowledge of the wind resource, we are able to assist you in optimising the layout of even the most complex sites, and we offer a great variety of options and solutions to enhance the performance of the wind power project – and the business case certainty of your investment.